Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Know Your Jewish Community: Jewish Mothers

This post was sparked by one by Carolyn of Juggling Frogs, who talked about the idea of the "supermom." She links to A Mother in Israel's post on "The Truth about the Jewish Superwoman," which looked a little bit to me like a modern version of Eishet Chayil*.

Modern Jewish Mom is a website whose aim is to provide a space for modern Jewish women to talk about the issues in their lives, read articles and discuss. It's pretty cute, and much better designed than some of the new Jewish social networking stuff (ahem Jmerica).

On the standard mommyblogging side there is YoYenta, whose writing I generally find pretty interesting, and whose tags are pretty hilarious. Orieyenta, although not technically a mommyblogger, talks about her adorable daughter LO on a regular basis. For the record, if I had a kid that cute, I'd totally write about her all the time too.

Several other bloggers, while they talk about being a mother, it isn't the biggest part of their blog. For instance Alla Staroseletskaya of Cooking with Yiddishe Mama has a nice mixture of recipes. And probably something else, but I can't read Cyrillic.

I was going to flesh this out some more, but I've had a busy day, so I'll have to let it go.


The Pedant said...

We cannot talk about mothers without mentioning the Evil Overmom.

sarah said...

The Russian is a translation--it's a bilingual site.

orieyenta said...

although not technically a mommyblogger

Ooo - does that put me in the "cool" crowd?

And thanks for saying that LO is adorable. She is....most of the time ;) BeEzrat Hashem, you will have one or more just as adorable!

Annie said...

Don't tell that to CJ, he's already freaking out!