Thursday, July 12, 2007

I want to buy a hat

Not just any hat, but a specific one.

I met a friend for dinner last night, and since he works later than I do, I wandered around for a bit until it was time to take the subway (this was pre-Typhoon last night). During my meanderings I found a really cute hat. An inexpensive, really cute hat. I tried it on, and it looked terrific.

So, what's the problem? Hats are a loaded symbol in observant Judaism. Many women cover their hair after marriage, and choose to do so with hats or scarves or wigs (I will NOT be wearing a wig, I agree with Rabbi Riskin on this one). As a result of this, many young woman avoid wearing hats, because it might lead people to mistakenly assume that they are married (and what if you meet your soulmate, but you're wearing a hat, and he thinks that you're taken? You totally missed your chance. That was it, now you'll die alone.) Same thing with broad headbands (often used to secure wigs).

Also, it sends the statement "I am preparing for marriage." As in "I will get married soon, so I better stock up on hats."

So, to recap, I can't buy a cute hat because a) it might make people think that I'm married, or b) it'll freak out my boyfriend*.


* One of my soon-to-be-married friends offered to let me store hats at her house until the time comes.


orieyenta said...

You are too funny. There is a woman at my shul who always wears the most wonderful hats and she looks fabulous in them. Her hats make me want to buy hats except I look like a BIG DORK in hats.

Oh and I never had to worry about appearing to be married...having Little Orieyenta tag along with me always made everyone assume I was married.

Annie said...

Right, I don't have a child to carry around, so that's less of a tip-off.

And if you look like a dork in hats (some of us have that issue) first I'd suggest that there are a bazillion styles, so maybe you haven't found the right one yet. And second? Scarves. They look good on almost everyone.

Anonymous said...

Guys have it even worse, you can never wear a hat unless its raining or people will think you're a frummie.

I think we need to start a new trend. Take Back the Hats.

Tamar said...

I went through a stage from 5th-8th grade where I was really into hats. I had a hat tree in my room, and every shabbat I wore a hat coordinated with my outfit. Recently a friend of mine saw a picture of me in that stage and said (with apparent earnesty) "Wait, were you married then?"