Monday, August 06, 2007

Don't Know Much About History

As you may or may not know, I spend a great proportion of my work hours thinking deeply about Jewish history; so much so that it hurts my brain. I've been having lengthy discussions about gaps in knowledge, areas of interest, points of disagreement, and I was wondering if you, the various variegated readers of Jewbiquitous, could help me out with a very unscientific survey.

I have two questions for you:

(1) If you could go back to any period in Jewish history, when would it be?

(2) What gaps are there in your Jewish history knowledge that you wish would be filled?

Feel free to answer however you like, even if you're unsure if it actually responds to either question. I'll be re-posting these periodically, in the hopes of getting responses from new readers.

Thanks, everyone!


The Autodidact said...

Question 1: Golden Age in Spain

Question 2:

1. Early American Jewish History
2. latter kings and two kingdoms

Liberal Jew said...

Question 1. Russian Revolutionary Times/Pre-Israel Nationalistic times (similar but with different ends and ways we were killed)

Question 2. While I studied a lot of it during college I have always found pre-modern Jewish history to be interesting with the ebb and flow (my personal theory that my professor then nabbed to fine tune his theory) of the lachrymose view of death and destruction. That said I would like to study post 70CE until about 1400s flowing the laws that mandate economic placement of Jews into a merchant class. (I suppose there is a thesis in there somewhere.)

Mrs. Autodidact said...

Autodidact, you totally stole my answer! I emailed "Golden Age in Spain" to Harley back in May!! You are SO sleeping on the couch tonight.

harley said...

Thanks, guys (and gals)! Keep 'em coming...