Monday, August 06, 2007

welcome to me

yo. I'd like to officially welcome myself! Woot! Woot!

i am Harley's bffae (to basically explain my connection to said blog)... Though we met in (Conservative) seminary, i hail from Reform roots. i've been believer, atheist, agnostic and back again. Mmmm.. wrestling with Gd.. quite the mental/emotional exercise. Throw in a little Marxism and a bit of anarchism and you have a person with quite the ongoing religious and political crisis. word.

[i also hate capital letters and proper sentence structure when not writing egghead papers... so you are forewarned. however, i do love commas and the always useful ellipsis!!]

Soon, oh so soon, I will be a student at a nondenominational divinity school in the Midwest. There I will spend my days studying comparative theology and in whatever time leftover i will be messing around with graphic design, art and planning a fabulous lesbian wedding (!!

My B'Sheret*, who will be herein called B'Sheret (sorry if there are any homophobes offended by this term, actually i lied, i couldn't care less if you are offended), is a Jew by choice and the coming year will be all about making that official before the wedding.

So with the warning that i am an emotional, cultural, even superstitious Jew, not halakhic, my first Jewish question to throw out there to the open minded: Did Gd, if there is a Gd of course, send her to me in part because she is bringing me back to Judaism? Dude, twenty bucks says we are keeping Shabbos by Pesach!

B'sheret means soul mate, it can also mean fated.


Diana said...

Welcome! But what does bffae mean?

Zie said...

best friends forever and ever :)

Liberal Jew said...

your distaste of cap letters is nOt uniform...but welcome all the same.

Diana said...

I thought it meant At Everest... Or something weird like that

Zie said...

no.. we are just that immature

harley said...

Oh you and your lower-case letters! So kooky and individualistic. You do know that there's not a scarcity of upper-case letters, right? Welcome to the blog, my anti-caps foil! CAPS!