Friday, August 03, 2007

An Open Letter: Cabot Cheese

Dear Cabot Cheese,

I'm not sure how to say this, but, I love you. You have replaced Tillamook in my affections as the best kosher cheese. I discovered you a few summers ago when I was working on a farm that hosted my local 4-H fair. You donated a large number of single-serving cheeses, and I was hungry, I figured that there was no chance of a heksher*, but I checked, just to be sure. Lo, and behold, the tablet K.
It was like magic. Tasty, tasty magic. Yes, so I know that some people don't think that tablet K is an acceptable heksher, but a heksher plus the fact that cheese manufactured in America (meaning only cow milk unless specifically indicated otherwise) is good enough for me.

But Cabot, not only are you kosher, a qualification which Tillamook shares, but you also are hekshered in a number of varieties. While I can only enjoy Tillamook's yellow cheddar, you have many different options. Reduced fat, both 50 and 75%, reduced fat Jalapeno, horseradish, Harpoon IPA, and many more. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. Good cheese options! Reduced fat options! This is magic.

Cabot, I love you. Please never forsake me.

*A heksher is a symbol that certifies that a product was created under the supervision of a Rabbi, and is kosher according to his authority


Diana said...

What's Harpoon IPA cheese? Is there a plastic whale in the middle?

Annie said...

Diana- Harpoon is a brand, and IPA is "India Pale Ale" which is a type of beer.

Diana said...

Good - I was afraid it would taste like whale blubber.

Kenneth said...

To say nothing of the fact that as a rule, Cabot cheeses are lactose free. This comes up seriously huge (not directly for me so much, but rather for my lady friend, who is both severely lactose intolerant *and* gluten intolerant).

sarah said...

My love for Tillamook hath increased tenfold after visiting the factory last Friday. Amazing. Amazing.

FYI, cheese curds make an interesting squeaky noise when eaten.

My one problem with Tillamook in general was that while their amazing yogurts are made with kosher gelatin (I love gelatinous yogurt but can so rarely eat it due to the non-veggieness of it), they're not hekhshered, making me unable to share their goodness with many of my friends. Bah!