Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jews Love: Comedy and Not Chosen

It's been months since Jewbiquitous has mentioned Not Chosen and it's not because we had a falling out or because we don't still super duper *heart* him (I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth). Rather, Not Chosen quit his job and went on a four month blogging reprieve while working on his book, the publication of which we've been restlessly anticipating since his absence began.

What's the hold-up? Is there anything we can do to further your progress? Do you need editorial help, NC? Should we bug your publisher, clamoring for an advanced copy of your book?

And just a note on your most recent post, NC. Your uncle, while very prodigious with the advice (and likely with the best intentions), is wrong about a central point, and one that I think speaks most aptly to your work: comedy ("stimulate laughter and entertainment") is a good in and of itself and requires no further justification for it's production. Comedy is good. Surely, if you learned nothing else from the Jews, it's that if all else fails, you can always laugh at yourself. And others. Especially others.

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Not Chosen said...

This is great. I get internet in 2-minute bouts since I'm stealing, so full email tomorrow.