Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Philandering Italian Politicos are Magic

In Italy, Christian Politician Found With Two Prostitutes
The Daily Telegraph August 1, 2007

ROME Â-- An Italian politician whose party represents Christian values has been embroiled in a scandal involving two prostitutes, a hotel room, and a large amount of cocaine.
Cosimo Mele, 50, a Christian Democrat UDC MP, was caught out when he had to call an ambulance to the hotel in Rome after one of the girls suffered breathing problems.
The property entrepreneur, whose wife is pregnant with their fourth child, has now resigned from his party.

The scandal's timing is sensitive since the UDC Party has been calling for all MPs to take voluntary drug tests.

Mr. Mele said, "I did nothing other than go to dinner with a friend who introduced me to this girl. Since it was late, she came to bed with me. How many politicians go to bed with young girls?"

He said he had nothing to do with the other girl who had "taken drugs or something else." She had felt ill, and he had called reception.

He added: "So politicians in the UDC do not make love? Of course, I recognize Christian values. But what has that got to do with going with a prostitute? It is a personal matter. This affair has nothing to do with family values. I cannot be branded a bad father and a bad husband simply because after five or six days away from home, an occasion presented itself."

Seriously, how many politicians DO go to bed with young girls? I also love his whole defense. The last paragraph actually made me laugh out loud.

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