Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Mom is Hilarious

Now that my baby brother is off at college, my mom has more time to pursue her own interests. To that end she's started taking classes. She signed up for a Melton Hebrew class, and then looked around to find an Israeli dance class, only to see that they were on the same night.

So what did she do? My mother decided that if she couldn't do Israeli dance, she'd do the next best thing... Country Line Dancing. No joke. Every Thursday night my mom drives to the Lutheran Church near us (there are 4 churches in walking distance of my house. At least.) and does an hour of Country Line Dancing. I went with her this week, and it was a hilarious social experiment.

First of all, the class is almost entirely women, and mostly retirees, or women whose attire shouts "mom." Secondly, one of the two guys is named Larry. Larry must be 70, at least, but he drives to class on his Harley, wears a different Harley t-shirt each time (I am told), and dances like a pro. He shook his hips to the "cha cha slide" in a way that I am entirely sure was meant to be provocative. He's also wiry, tattooed, and utterly charming in that Southern gentleman way.

CJ watch out, I might have a new flirtation...

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