Monday, August 06, 2007

Mrs. Autodidact has a First Name

Unsatisfied with merely existing under the shadow of her better half, Mrs. Autodidact has decided, by the grace of the inimitable Harley, to enter the world of blogging. Therefore, let it be known that henceforth, she shall be referred to as Duchess. Also, she shall speak of herself in the 3rd person, apparently.

Jewish geography and general tidbits:
  • Duchess studied at the same seminary as Harley (connection to Jewbiquitous--established).
  • She once lived with a relative of Annie's (two--two Jewbiquitous connections--ah, ah, ah, ah!!!).
  • She has at times considered herself a poster child for the Conservative movement.
  • She wrote her college thesis on the dirty things that people do with their Barbies.
For an example of the intersection of these two disciplines, click here (don't worry; it's safe for work).


harley said...

What an exquisite use of the semi-colon. Welcome to the team, angel!

Zie said...

1. welcome
2. i'd like to read your thesis
3. harley is a total grammar facist, eh?
4. ever notice how her handle is in lowercase?

harley said...

I am a grammar fascist and you will submit!

there are so many other things that I could say right now that would be totally inappropriate for this forum.

Duchess said...

Ask Harley for my email address; I would be honored!