Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gene Weingarten Loves Me

Me: Gene,

First, thank you for regularly hosting a chat that is both thought provoking and entertaining. In recent weeks, reading these transcripts kept me sane when I thought the rest of the world had gone mad.

In relation to last week's chat: I believe in God because the belief keeps me sane and helps me organize my life. I do not believe that God is necessarily outside of myself or an independent entity. I anthropomorphize my abstract conception of a higher power because it helps me discuss my belief that the world is interconnected: an organism where everyone's actions ultimately affect the entire organism. Using the word, "God," helps me to engage in an organized religion, which in turn provides my life with an infrastructure and community that I find useful and comforting. Other people find that infrastructure in atheistic systems, such as science or politics, both of which also inform my own life's organization and neither of which I see as inherently at odds with my own concept of a theologically ordered world.

In response to your ideation of Jewish identity: http://www.jewbiquitous.blogspot.com/ (read Jews Love: Complex Labels and The Bad Jew).

Thank you, again, for being amazing

Gene Weingarten: I am SUCH a bad Jew I don't even know what they are shaking.

I would say your views on religion are so close to mine about atheism that our beliefs are, essentially, identical.

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