Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jews Love: Borat

He's the Jew-hater that we all love to talk about.

Jews who love him:
Dovbear has his trailer up
Jewlicious has a whole post (including a mention of the Jewish Week article)
Bagel blogger has a whole set of videos
Minor Fast Days sends out a "yasher koach" to Borat
Saul Kiserman thinks that the whole thing is silly. He asks "why is Borat news?"
Am Echad thinks that his site traffic will increase after he used the name "Borat" in his post (hey, I'm counting on it)
and last, but not least, Valley Jew asks the question that is on all of our minds: Borat, or Tenacious D?

Update 10.27.06: David Kelsey pointed out this post by Shmarya Rosenberg at Failed Messiah. I have no idea whether or not this actually happened, but the "interview" is pretty hilarious. I think that my favorite moment is when Borat claims to have gone to Aish haTorah for "mind control." And while some of the comments make me uncomfortable, I guess that if I'm going to laugh at Borat when he mocks other people, I have to be willing to laugh at myself/my culture too.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget this shocking revelation:

fiLi said...

Israelated is just an aggregator. I think you're referring to Am Echad.

AnnieGetYour said...

Thanks guys- I made the requesite changes and updates.