Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Brain Hurts

Want to avoid dressing like a harlot for Halloween? Get Biblical! Have you always dreamed of rocking a Moses costume? You’re in luck. For the low low cost of $47.99, you can don the stripey shawl, loose white nightshirt, and hold the stick that looks remarkably like Moses’ real staff! Sadly, the Adult and Delux Jesus costumes are out of stock, but you can always go as Esther. Biblical Judaism too ancient for you? Not a problem, for only $39.99 (a real bargain!), you can be a Rabbi for Halloween. And if you buy now and Ba’al Teshuvah later, you can use this costume for your daily wear and Save! Save! Save!

Operators are standing by.


Anonymous said...

Wait, you forgot something... It's not just a rabbi costume, it's an Adult Rabbi Costume. Because really, who wants to dress up as a prodigious child rabbi?

Which makes me wonder who the youngest rabbi to ever live was... Hm.

AnnieGetYour said...

Bythebay- I am pretty sure that "adult" usually means "sexual." Not that the costume is sized for grown-ups.

I just got the really gross image of what an "adult" rabbi costume would look like in my head. Thanks. Ew.

harley said...

Bythebay is right. It was an "Adult Rabbi Costume," but as they had no "Child Rabbi Costume" available, I edited.

Benjamin J. Cooper said...

Due to the unintentonally funny translation in the Hagaddot my family owns, which include the line where Moses is to "take thy rod in thy hand, and perform the signs," I cannot read about Moses' staff with a straight face.