Monday, October 23, 2006

Jews Love: Pareve Cake Mix

According to A Town Crier, Betty Crocker cakes are going to be pareve again. He seriously better not be playing with me. This is big news. BIG NEWS. The last 8 months or so the desserts on my shabbes table have been pretty lame. With the exception of this past Friday night when a male guest made (unrequested) pareve cookies which were pretty darn good.

But seriously, I haven't found any substantiation for this rumor yet, but it would be super-exciting. Even more than when Stella d'Oro cookies were declared once again "not really dairy despite the fact that the packaging may say so." (scroll all the way down)

I will not, despite how much I may want to, use this as an excuse to talk about how I think the organizations who certify products as kosher are very much like a mafia. Although Kung Fu Jew does point to the upcoming "From Latkes to Lattes" conference about Judaism and food. The issues addressed there are more "sustainable development" rather than "religious cabal that keeps the price of meat up." Really, I'm not bitter that beef is something like $35/lb.

And on the topic of kashrut, I give you this gem: a conversation about whether or not food from Star Trek's replicator would be kosher. Seriously, some people have too much time on their hands. They should blog or something.


rh host said...

Next time I come for dinner you should ask me for dessert instead of a side. I refuse to use mixes. The extra 5-10 minutes it takes to bake from scratch is always worth it.

The Town Crier said...

it was from kosher today and it was about pinnacle foods who make the duncan hines cake mixes

Aunt L. said...

Not entirely on point here, but I just wanted to tell you that a relative that Annie and I have in common recently told me about the existence of this blog. I have now read all the back postings up through today, and I think it is absolutely fabulous! Kol ha-kavod!

AnnieGetYour said...

RH Host- sometimes. I know people who often screw up from scratch. It is harder to screw up a mix.

Town Crier- awesome. I am super-excited.

Aunt L- some members of my family are going to be in a lot of trouble. If my dad starts reading this he'll probably start hitting on commenters for me. You know, so that he can choose my spouse. Still, thanks for the endorsement.

Sherbs said...

This is almost as exciting as Oreos being kosher again when we were in middle school. Not that my hosue growing up ever 1) cared about a hashkacha, or 2) had anything with a coloric content over 150 caleries per serving, but at least I could get them in school and not those silly, silly hydrox.

Can we now call her Savta Betty?