Thursday, October 26, 2006

Harley is a playa', I, regrettably, am not.

Last night Harley and I went out to dinner together at a kosher fleishik* restaurant. It was a pretty good meal, but nothing special. What was special was the restaurant's owner. He was wandering around, and stopping by customers' tables to talk with them about their orders, experience, etc.

He ended up talking to us for about half an hour, mostly restaurant and food-related. Eventually the conversation strayed to the topic of personal lives. Harley mentioned that she'd just gotten out of a 5-year relationship, and the owner commiserated, he having just ended a 6 year relationship (I assumed marriage, because older frum guys don't tend to date for 6 years). Before we left I made a trip to the ladies' room to freshen my makeup (in case there were any cute guys on the way home) and I returned to the table only to find that the restaurant owner was GIVING HARLEY HIS PHONE NUMBER. Awesome.

In contrast, while walking to dinner I passed a guy who looked really familiar, so of course I stared him down as I walked by. Turns out that I went to high school with him, and I thought for a second about stopping him to talk, but decided against it. I mean, what was I going to say? "Hey there! Your little brother tried to make out with me in high school!" Awkward.

Seriously, I have no game.

*Fleishik means meat, so the restaurant has meat products, but no milk products.


Anonymous said...

Annie, can I have your number?

AnnieGetYour said...

Anon- sure, just email me your real name and number to and we'll work something out.

harley said...

Unsolicited. He gave me his number unsolicited. My game wasn't even up! I don't have game. I am gameless.