Monday, October 30, 2006

Jews Love: Shabbat Meals

I'd be the first one to admit that the majority of my social life takes place on Shabbes. I eat the ceremonial meals on Shabbat because I am obligated to, but it is also my main social outlet. I hang out with friends, and let's be honest, try to meet boys.

This usually works out pretty well for me. I've met a number of (now ex)boyfriends at the Shabbat tables of friends and family. Yet occasionally I run into a super-awkward interaction, like this one from Shabbat lunch. For the record, the guy with whom I was conversing was not a guest at the meal.

(In the kitchen)
Guy: So what are you going to do now [with your life]?
Me: Well, I figured that I'd work for a year or two at [job redacted] and then maybe look to get my MBA at [school redacted] or instead go for a PhD in History there. They have a great program for what I'm interested in.
Guy: Don't waste your time there. You are too smart for [school redacted] you should go to Harvard.
Me: But then I'd have to be in Boston, and [school] has the best program in the country.
Guy: Whatever you say, but you shouldn't bother.

And then later (by the Shabbes table)
Guy: I like my girls a little taller than you.
Me: Really? Are you serious? (I am 5'8 in bare feet) I'm not wearing heels.
Guy: Oh, then that is ok. (Steps closer) I don't like to have to lean down to kiss a girl.
Me: Um, [platonic guy friend] are you ready to go home yet?

Mmm frum boys.

For the record, I am fairly sure that Chemclown met her fiance at a shabbes meal. Although, in terms of the frustrations of dating (see Suburban Kvetch on to call or not to call, and Kesthertalk on being "too Jewish") I'm not entirely sure that the "meet at Shabbes meals" plan has anything on the "meet online" or "get set-up through friends" plans. With the obvious exception of the fact that you've already seen the person. Although, if you met them at my shabbes table, they probably won't eat squirrels. Probably.


Smeliana said...

I met my mantastic manman at a Shabbat meal. It's also a good way to get yourself deeply indebted to your dear friends who hosted the lovely evening.

AnnieGetYour said...

Maybe if I set up more people at my shabbes meals, I'll get invites for life.

Anonymous said...

I think the Shabbat meal thing does have a small edge over the online thing because the people hosting/planning in theory know both parties. But that also has the potential for making it more awkward.

For the record, that guy sounds like a freakshow: "I like my girls a little taller than you" should be on the top 10 list of things to NOT say when you first meet a woman. I mean, really.

At this point, I am so frustrated with the dating thing, I'd take the Shabbat table, the internet, the crystal ball, anything to meet guys. Not that I'm desperate to get married but I feel like I need to really start working on the "where do I find a date" thing.


AnnieGetYour said...

Jessica- for the record, I had met the guy before, on a number of occasions. Although it is still freaky.

Also, you're welcome to come to my shabbes meals, but from your blog I gather that I invite a younger crowd than you would be interested in.