Friday, October 06, 2006

Rabbi Niles Goldstein: He's Frickin' Everywhere

An example of Jewbiquity: Rabbi Niles Goldstein.

Places he has been in the past month or so:
The Oyhoo Conference
MetroNY opinion Column
Sinai Live

and now
THE WASHINGTON POST ok, so it's only a book review, but still.

Yet another example of how I am magic, apparently if I dislike your writing style, you will then get lots of press. Far be it from me to disparage someone's practice of Judaism, or their personal beliefs, but part of Rabbi Goldstein's shtick is to disparage those of others. I know that that is what "Gonzo" is about: being confrontational and controversial, but I am a bigger fan of being "respectful," and creating "dialogue." But that's just me.

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