Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm a mitzvah girl

Odds and ends:

1) Sukkot: I ate in a sukkah today, and imagine that, but it looked exactly like the one that I drew on microsoft paint. I am so magic. Desipite RH Host's comment that: "you don't need to eat chilli in a sukkah, and you're a girl anyway," I ate there and did a mitzvah.

Speaking of being a girl, I had lunch with a cutie boy today by way of a not-date. During our not-date we sat in the sukkah of a kosher NYC restaurant. At one point he turned to the obviously frum guys at the next table to ask a halakha question. I knew the answer to that! He said that he didn't ask me because I was bentching* but really I think that it was because the guy next to me had a beard, and used the word machlokes**.

2) Feast of Tabernacles: Mobius' post on Orthodox Anarchist is comprehensive and amusing. I suggest looking at the pictures and reading his admittedly snide commentary. I laughed out loud at least twice. While looking for other sources on the parade I only found two blogs of note, this by Yehonatan Chipman, and this in Chinese. For those who can't read simplified characters, you aren't missing much, the commentary isn't so informative.

3) Passionate Life, a Jewish blogger proposed over his blog. No, seriously, this happened. Im Yirtzeh Hashem*** not by me next.

*Bentching is an amalgamation of the word bentch and the English gerund. It can be used in the context of "bentch lecht," saying the blessing over candles, but generally bentching means reciting the grace after meals, commonly known as Birkat HaMazon.

**Machlokes is a yiddishized version of machloket, meaning disagreement, generally used in the context of a disagreement between two Talmudic sages.

***Im Yirtzeh Hashem means "if G-d wills it" or "by the grace of G-d" and is often used in the frum community when an engagement is announced, to the friends of the bride or groom, followed by the words "next by you" meaning that you should be the next to get engaged.

Update 10.11.06: it is nice when I can beat The Washington Post on a story about the Evangelical right's love for Israel.


Benjamin J. Cooper said...

Can't you just switch from simplified to traditional characters by changing your encoding setting in the web browser?

Anonymous said...

How about informing parents/friends of an engagement on a blog?

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me which restaurant has the sukkah? That is killer. I need to go there and write about it...

Next year I'll do an article about NYC's sukkah-havin' restaurants for the mag.

AnnieGetYour said...

Benjamin- possibly, but I'm not sure.

Anon-I know who you are, but nice try. You can inform people of an engagement via blog, but NOT via facebook. If, after your marriage you get pregnant and announce it via facebook, I will kill you.

NC- there are a number of sukkot in the city, most kosher restaurants have one. I am pretty sure that Kosher Delight has one, Cafe K on 48th btw 5th and Madison, Wolf and Lamb right next to it, Darna on 90th and Columbus, just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, you answered!

90th and Colombus is right by me. I'm going.


AnnieGetYour said...

I have a quasi-date there tonight that I'm trying to ditch. The food is fairly good but expensive.