Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jews Love: The Gym

Not Chosen' did a whole post about Jewesses and their gym-love (specifically at Reebok's). To which Phoebe responded that she goes running, and not even in full makeup! Therefore she is probably not a JAP.

There has been some more recent concern over a phenomenon that has been given the supremely silly name called "Hot Chanies." Basically it is frum women who dress very attractively, probably to the detriment of modesty. Anna doesn't comment on whether the women are "Hot Chanies" or not, but does register some suprise at the fact that women who wear sheitels go to the gym. Since she gives her location as "Jerusalem" I can only surmise that the gym is single-sex, so I am less surprised. I mean, I work out, how else do you think that I stay looking this good? Hot Chanie agrees she says that she needs to work out 3 times a week to stay below a size 6, which is apparently the cut-off for being a "Hot Chanie."

Guess that I have some work to do.

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