Friday, October 13, 2006

Jews Love(to hate): Hipsters

For example, those Jews at Gawker (because after all, everyone involved MUST be Jewish: it is funny, NY-based, and about the media, the trifecta of Jewish influence) hate hipsters with a passion. Although they were surprisingly gentle to these Jewish hipsters.

On the McSweeney's website, contributer Michael Schulman has thoughtfully created a list of Jewish Holidays for Hipsters. I think that my favorite is Ironukkah. The list somewhat tangentially reminds of a joke told by my younger brother:
Q: How do you defeat emo?
A: Happiness.

Evanston Jew suggests that Jewish Hipster culture is at its base a facade. A successful facade, but one nonetheless. He claims that it will not be long until people will be "Yeshivish at home, hipster in public." I'm not really clear on the distinction that he is drawing between the "derivative" culture of bangitout, the Latke-Hamantasch festival and the Jewish Hipster scene. He seems to have nothing but disdain for the culture, comments on its success aside.

On the other side Minister of Rants claims that hipster Jews really get into Yom Kippur, and lists how:
"The hipster’s synagogue outfit of choice: sneakers (vans,converse,crocs) with a suit; And there’s the opportunity to stick it to the man and wear white after Labor Day;You get to dress in layers (Tallis, Kittel, Suit, Tzitzit)Your hair looks best unwashed and lack of shower maximizes your cowlicks; Most of davening is about self exploration and confession. Can you say emo?Fasting can't hurt that whole waif-look thing you’re tryin’ to get going…"
Hipsters wear their tzitzit out.

In his post on the etymology of "Hip Hip Hurray" Cecil Adams claims that the term"hip" has anti-Semitic origins, but steps back from claiming the hipsters themselves are "jew-baiters." However, if many hipsters agree with Will from KABOBfest's view of Tony Judt as his "new hero" I might just have to hold them in as much disdain as Gawker does.


Anonymous said...

just a quick source clarification:
MINISTER OF RANTS was quoting a article on why hipsters love Yom Kippur: The list can be found here:

AnnieGetYour said...


evanstonjew said...

I posted a comment yesterday, which I do not see today. I assume it is some sort of accident since I can not believe I would be restricted from responding to your post. I disagree with your characterization of my comments of hipsters. I wrote two posts, both appreciative of their accomplishments. My only ironic remark was that they seem to be leading fairly luxurious lives. I ask your interested readers to decide for themselves.

AnnieGetYour said...

Evanston Jew- I get an email every time that a comment is posted, so yes I can confirm that your comment was posted, but you posted it on a different string. This comment (see below) was posted under The Next 5000+ Years and I cut and paste directly from that link:

"I agree totally with mobius on ozick/mamet. Right on.

As for my total disdain for hipster Jews, you misread me. I wrote two essays ,Generation Heeb and Hipster Jews and was enthusiastic and supportive. My only ironic comment was that unlike previous generations these young people are living high on the hog. I ask your readers, if interested to kindly look at my posts and decide for themselves."