Tuesday, October 17, 2006

While walking in the rain...

Harley and I had the following conversation:

Harley (as we pass TGIFridays): My sister is the type of person who comes to New York and wants to eat there.
Me: I had an ex-boyfriend whose favorite restaurant was Olive Garden.
Harley: Olive Garden? Really?
Me: Yeah. That was the end of that relationship. I mean, not really, we had other problems, but that was one of the nails in the coffin.
Random Guy: Wow, you are tough.
Me: Hey! I mean, c'mon, OLIVE GARDEN, it isn't even a GOOD chain restaurant. And when you live in New York...
Guy: Haha, yeah, I guess so.

When you're here, you're not my boyfriend.


AnnieGetYour said...

Also, I am pretty sure that olives don't grow in a garden so much as a grove. And that fact that it isn't kosher goes without saying.

Benjamin J. Cooper said...

1) Olive Garden is not as bad as the Red Lobster with the rotating lobster just south of Times Square. Both in terms of cheap chain-ness, and failure to acquire kosher certification.

2) You once again allow me to point out that Olive Garden lies in its motto because Mom would never let me fill up on breadsticks and salad before I had pasta with no vegetables whatsoever in a butter/cheese sauce. When I am there, I am so not with family.

3) I do, to some extent, sympathize with the tourists who come to NYC with the middle American kids and can't find a restaurant other than Olive Garden that serves food that they've heard of, doesn't have dead animals hanging in the window, and doesn't cost $250 for a nine-course tasting menu. I, personally, love my Korean vegetarian food, but I've lived with some very picky eaters.

RH Host said...

You need to give people some slack. If they're from suburbia and all they know are stripmall chains you can't expect them to understand that there are better options.

On a related note, a kosher Olive Garden type restaraunt is the one type of restaraunt desperately missing from NYC.

Anonymous said...

The weirdest thing happened this morning. I went to your blog and an Asian site came up. I made sure the url was correct and even refreshed. I should have taken a screen shot.

Olive Garden is not okay

AnnieGetYour said...

RH Host: In my defense, he was several years older, had gone to NYU, and after college lived in the financial district for two years. He also made twice what I make now, and YET loved Olive Garden. It wasn't for lack of choice as much as lack of taste.

I don't know that we need an Olive Garden style kosh restaurant, but I'd be in favor of a family restaurant. Hopefully CU's cafe nana will open up again soon. It was pretty good.

harley said...

Let's not hate on suburbians. I grew up in suburbia and I know good food when I taste it. I was a foodie way before I moved to NYC. Suburbia doesn't deaden your taste buds; it simply deadens your soul.