Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jews Love: Mark Warner

Ok, so maybe just this Jew. But the news that Mark Warner won't run for prez in '08 was a huge blow. He is a great guy, a democrat, moderate, and did amazing things to turn Virginia around after Gilchrist, the previous (Republican) governor, screwed up the economy pretty badly.

The article suggests that he might be positioning himself for another run at governor (in Virginia you cannot be governor for two consecutive terms, but you can serve again after a hiatus of four years) or even the senate position currently occupied by John Warner (who I think was at one point married to Elizabeth Taylor). That would be nice, but I really think that we need him in the White House more than we need him in Richmond. Hey, it's only 90 miles difference, maybe we could fool him into thinking that he was campaigning for Governor...

Maybe Wesley Clark will run again, I was a big fan of his last time.

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Benjamin J. Cooper said...

John Warner will have to retire for anyone to beat him; he's too decent a guy to Virginians. Mark Warner might be considering a Senate run on the concept that Virginia voters might not remember which Warner is running.

As for Wesley Clark, he never really impressed me. He strikes me as kind of odd, and only electable if you consider wearing a uniform with ribbons a key quality for office (did not work for John Kerry).