Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Apartment Hunting, Part III

Last night the roommate and I visited two beautiful apartments. We worked with a broker (from the "no-fee" section of Craigslist) who was, of course, Israeli. We figured that out pretty early on, and he was a bit surprised when we understood his Hebrew phone conversations. Oops.

The landlord (and his staff, made up entirely of his relatives) was also an Israeli, and we even got to hear a negotiation between an Australian and the landlord. In Hebrew that was almost as good as ours (not a good sign). Turns out that both apartments were already spoken for, so now we're getting a little bit discouraged. Anyone own a building/apartment on the UWS that wants to provide housing for us? We are nice girls, and won't throw (too many) loud parties. We promise.

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