Friday, June 08, 2007

Dreams About Marriage

And I mean that in the most literal sense. Last night both the roommate and I dreamt that we were getting married to our current significant other. And we both freaked.

I'm not the only J-blogger to be thinking about marriage lately. Orieyenta has been discussing honeymoon possibilities, while Amishav is (finally) dating a woman worthy of him. On the more general level Good Girl at The Dude Abides has a round-up of some interesting marriage-related news and issues. Irish and Jew, of the eponymous blog, as befits people of their age, have been going to one wedding shower/wedding/wedding related activity after the other. It sort of makes me wonder why Jews don't just appropriate the Moonie way of doing things and have one mass wedding with thousands of couples at once. It would certainly save a lot of money. (Sherbs, Pedant, look into this)

DailyMotion has a video of a "Jamaican-Jewish" (meaning a Jamaican and a Jew) wedding which is fairly amusing, if somewhat offensive in the beginning (and the last line). I wish I knew what the guy was saying in Yiddish. The dance number is pretty cool, as is the fusion music.

All I have to say, is that when I do, one day get married, I want it to be really fun for the guests. I've been to a lot of lame weddings. That is not acceptable. I want people to talk about it for the next year as a "great time." Even people who don't necessarily like the institution of marriage (ahem Harley and TR). That's the goal, at least.


Jack's Shack said...

Funny I dream about the days in which I wasn't married.

Ezzie said...

One of the things I liked best about my and my siblings' weddings was that people had such a good time, they came over afterwards to comment "You know, this was a really, really fun wedding - thanks." Yes, the wedding was for us more than them, but it's more enjoyable for the family when everyone is having a good time. People get way too caught up in stupid details like flowers on tables that nobody pays attention to - get a big dance floor, a good (and not too loud) band, good friends, and the right spouse. That's all you need.

Sarah said...

A rough translation of what Michael Alpert is saying:

All the in-laws are going (in love? That’s what it sounded like. But it could be “forward.”). We’re here, in a good hour, to a wedding, a treat. The groom and bride, even though each one comes from a different island, from a different island (first time he says it in English, then in Yiddish), they’ve been all over the world, black and white, from near and far, let’s all make up and take each other, and so we'll drink together (I think that's what he said) Red Stripe with Manishevitz wine. Klezmorim! Play on!

Michael Wex (writer, translator, etc) is the commentator in the end.

I love the part of the wedding when people dance for the bride (after making her cry, of course, with songs that go something like “oh, you’re no longer young, you’ll get old and fat and this is the last of your glory days.” How did that enter into the wedding repertoire??)

Anyhow, I wish it were a real wedding (preferably mine).

Annie said...

Jack- ha. Very funny. I'm telling your wife.

Ezzie- The right spouse probably the most important ingredient!

Sarah- thanks for the translation. I also kind of wish that my wedding would be this cool. CJ has some Satmer family, do you think that will help?

Sarah said...

Annie--yes. Satmar fix everything.

Ezzie said...

That's for life. For the wedding itself, it comes behind the others. :P

SaraK said...

I also want everyone to have fun at my wedding (and eat good food!). I always throw fun parties and everyone has a good time, so I hope I can pull it off when my wedding rolls around, as well.

The Pedant said...

Thanks for the pressure to give you and the guests a great time. We were hoping you'd settle for a nominal time.

michael said...

Annie, because I'm fond of you, I will impart the true secret of how to embark on the marital journey in style, perhaps the sagest advice I have to offer: the key to a successful, enjoyable wedding, much like the key to a successful, enjoyable life, is an open bar.

orieyenta said...

It sort of makes me wonder why Jews don't just appropriate the Moonie way of doing things and have one mass wedding with thousands of couples at once.

Great idea. You grab CJ, I'll grab PHD and Amishav can grab JAP and we'll just find a slew of Rabbis to take care of this for us all at once. Then we can have one heck of a party :)