Monday, June 18, 2007

Jews Love: Father's Day

To start off, I did in fact call my Father, gave him a present (via my Mom), and sent him an inappropriate e-card which he loved. However, as my Father is currently South of the Mason-Dixon line and I am not, I celebrated it in the traditional way. By going to an Idan Raichel concert with all of the other unloved children.

Jack posted Haveil Havelim #121, a Father's Day edition, which I really cannot top (obviously). Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer, the Fly Fishing Rabbi shares memories of, what else, fly fishing with his father. The post is charming, and almost makes me wish that I knew how to fish. Almost. SM Schwartz of Seattle Jew posts a picture of his father. It made me consider doing the same, so here is my microsoft paint version of my dad:

My Father is going to kill me if he sees this.

On a less serious note, PhunkyMonkey has a list of "Top Ten Things Overheard in Jewish History Re: Father's Day," which is cute and amusing. And also taken directly from without attribution.

At any rate, I am tired of this post, so I hope that you all had a Happy Father's day.


Miss S said...

Happy Father's Day to you, too!

Miss S

Rabbi Eric Eisenkramer said...

Thanks for the mention! Happy Father's Day to everyone.

The Fly Fishing Rabbi
Eric Eisenkramer

Jacob Da Jew said...

And how was the concert?

The Pedant said...

You gave Dad too much hair.

Sherbs said...

My dad looks just like that too. One day, my children will confuse their grandfathers. (Minus the 6" difference...but...)

PS: Pedant, be nice...

sarah said...

I called my dad Saturday night to discuss school loans, but figured I should call him Sunday as well because there are better ways of saying "I love you" than "Dad, I need money."

He came to phone singing "happy father's day to me, happy father's day to meeeee..." It was fantastic.

orieyenta said...

Love that picture....little orieyenta couldn't have done a better job.

Diana said...

What kind of shirt is he wearing?

Annie said...

Miss S- thanks

Jacob- it was great. See previous post.

Pedant- I can't see up that high.

Sherbs- my father is slightly taller.

Sarah- one year my father decided that he didn't want to wait until midnight, and called me at 11:13 singing "happy 47 minutes until your birthday to you."

Orieyenta- Thanks.

Diana- metro. Short for metrosexual. My baby brother hassles my dad for wearing pink shirts (I think he has three).

The Pedant said...

Sherbs- I am not mean. I am accurate. That picture makes my dad look like a balding version of Napoleon Dynamite. He cuts his hair way shorter.

And has a lot less on top.

S. of MD Line Dad said...

What an amazingly handsome father you must have! You are one lucky gal.

Annie said...

Like father like daughter.