Monday, June 25, 2007

Hello? Are You There, Readers? It's Me, Harley

Where is everyone today? Some days it feels like I'm encountering a great, echoing abyss, into which I'm throwing all my words. Hello hello hello.....?

I've had a killer headache for days now that just won't go away. I think I'll blame it on my sleep meds. Cloudy, groggy, cranky. What's going on over here? Allergies? It's so unlike me, lashing out out the fashion industry and bigots-- ok, that's very much like me, but I hate being cranky pants.

Combined with my brain sluggishness is the unending search for new employment, which can seem stultifying, sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean always. I have skills. I know that someone out there wants these skills. Where are they? Hello hello hello.....?

So, to cheer us all up (because I can feel that you, too, are feeling a little funky), some Leah Siegel and Jeff Taylor:

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Zie said...

come on you know i read it all...