Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Want A Pet

Sadly, the roommate does not. Conversations like this take place on a regular basis:

Me: Look at that kitten! It is so cute! Kitten!
The Roommate: It looks like a rat.
Me: But it is so teeny, and fluffy, and...
R: Rat-like.

The roomate does not like animals. Even cute ones like this:

My new scheme is that I need a trained monkey. I asked my supervisor if we had room in the budget for one. She just laughed. It was not a joke. I actually want a trained monkey. Any idea what one of those things run you these days?


orieyenta said...

You can have the cat that brought me that little present the other night.

Aunt L. said...

Before acquiring a monkey, look into this:

Annie said...

Orie- I wish. The roommate doesn't like cats. Neither does CJ.

Aunt L.- wow, that is pretty horrifying. Maybe I don't want a pet monkey.

Jack's Shack said...

Feh on cats, to cats and anything to do with cats.