Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Apartment Hunting

Two of my roommates are moving out. This means that unless the roommate and I can find someone who will pay an absurd amount per month (to live in a giant room with its own bathroom, any takers?), we have to move.

To this end, I have started the soul-sucking process of apartment hunting. Not only am I emailing no-fee brokers from Craigslist, but I also have a spreadsheet of those management companies that have properties on the UWS, prices, bedrooms, websites, and more. I am slightly obsessive.

To be fair, the roommate and I have already looked at one place. A 5th-floor walkup, for a "two" bedroom (one was closer to a closet) with teeny kitchen and no living space. For lots of money.

I also had this exchange with a broker:

Annie to [redacted]
Subject: $2550 / 2br - NEW!!! Real 2 Bedroom West 80s. I have keys, showing today!!! (Upper West Side)

When can I see this?


[redacted] to Annie
Subject:$2550 / 2br - NEW!!! Real 2 Bedroom West 80s. I have keys, showing today!!! (Upper West Side)

Next year, it has already been rented.
Sent via BlackBerry from T-mobile

SERIOUSLY? Who says stuff like that? Figures that he'd have a blackberry.


Ezzie said...

OMG. (on the prices)

I'd move out of the UWS.

SaraK said...


The Pedant said...

No apology? Flag him as abusive on Craig's List.

Anonymous said...

That's funny, I see the price and think, damn thats cheap. Must be a walkup.

Annie said...

Ezzie- yeah, but then I'd never get married (I kid, sort of).

Sarak- same.

Pedant- good call.

Anon- my apt isn't a walkup. We have a doorman, an elevator, and laundry in the building. Want to move in? And the new building wasn't a walkup either.

orieyenta said...

$2500 for a 2 bedroom? OMG. That's just wrong. My mortgage on a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage complete with pool and jacuzzi was less.

Annie said...

Orie- I wish I could leave New York. Really. But my job, life, significant other, friends, community, etc are here.

Claire said...

Two words: Washington Heights. The nabe (read: Brooklyn) of the future.

Annie said...

Claire- yes, I looked at it, but as I am shomer shabbat, and my friends all live on the UWS, once again, I am locked in. I guess that I could make new friends, but who does that?