Friday, June 15, 2007

An Open Letter: Gawker

Dear Gawker,

I have been a fan of your for a long time, however, you have recently removed my favorite feature "Bloggorhea." I realize that the name was somewhat distasteful, and that the feature was probably very work-intensive, but how am I to find out about new, scandalous blogs?

You have brought great things into my life (and my Google Reader). I will list, but not link to them (because really, do I want strangers with scandalous lives to find my blog?):

-Irish and Jew
- Fake Jew (now defunct)
- Amish in the City
- Cajun Boy
- WaiterRant
- Barmaid Blog
- Dishalicious

Oh, Gawker, what am I to do?

Also, you've been really, really mean lately. And not so funny. You should probably work on that.

Warmest Regards,


Liberal Jew said...

I hope you sent this to them, cause from what I know Gawker --like most self-important news outlets-- love being told they screwed up! But hey you never know it could end making your last few months on line very hit heavy if Gawker see the error of its ways and puts the best pseudo-anonymous MO Female blog on its bloggorhea section

Annie said...

LJ- I did not. But it would be amazing.

Gigi said...

I agree. Gawker lost its savvy after Jesse and Jessica left. The current editors aren't nearly as perceptive or witty. They also fail to filter their tips well-enough...which often leads to apology posts noting their lazy misinterpretations. Their commentary is often off-point and the "mean-ness" you pointed out is a result of this.

What they lack in savvy, they try to make up for with frequent website layout updates and user-friendly content options. Sigh.

Annie said...

Gigi- absolutely. I wanted to like Emily Gould and Doree Shafrir. Really, I did, but they are just making it so hard.

Maybe I'll start reading pink is the new blog instead.

Anonymous said...

I just found a funny anti-Gawker site:

It's amazing how much Gawker sucks now.

Anonymous said...

It was sharp and well-written when Elizabeth and Jess were there. Now it's just mean and juvenile and anyone can do that.