Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Jews Loved By: Slate

From The State of the Ninja by Grady Hendrix:

The Israeli affinity for ninjas makes sense when you consider that ninjas are basically supercool Jews. Both practice esoteric traditions that must be kept pure or they'll lose their power, both wear black outfits, and both can destroy much larger and more numerous opponents. The main difference is that while observant Jews spend a lot of time praying, observant ninjas spend a lot of time hiding and killing people

This statement makes me want to go spend some quality time at Real Ultimate Power.


harley said...

I cannot believe you mentioned ninjas without referring to Ask a Ninja ( Surely, an oversight that cannot be repeated if we are to keep our readership (do we have readership?).

Annie said...

We already had a whole Jews Love: Ninjas were ask a ninja was referenced.

harley said...

Oh, fine. You and your knowledge of our archives. I'm busy filling my head with knowledge about sizing.

Diana said...

Ninjas rock.
Sizing, not so much.
Actually sizing makes me want to go Ninja all up and down Fashion Avenue.

Twinruler334 said...

I love the Jews!