Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Jews Love: Pregnancy

Last night I saw Knocked Up with the upstairs neighbor. It was fun, I laughed. I totally agree with all of the criticisms that I've heard about it, mainly that:

1) Those who are pro-choice (pro-abortion) in the movie treat it as a "quick fix" and don't deal at all with the serious nature of the procedure, or the emotional toll it can have on a woman. However, it is an option, and after considering it the main character (Allison) chooses to have the baby, so I would say the movie is overall pro-choice, if occasionally a bit too flip about abortion.


2) Jewish boy meets/impregnates non-Jewish, blonde goddess (I don't like to use the s-word when referring to non-Jews, as it is pejorative). I know that Seth Rogan is Jewish, he is sort of nebbishy, a bit chubby, curly hair, a slacker (if intelligent) but did he have to PLAY a Jewish guy? Couldn't we have a nebbishy non-Jew?

This afternoon Harley and I, and another friend met for lunch and went to H&M. Nothing too exciting. As we are checking out, the woman behind the counter looks at me and says: "You know, our store at 34th street has a maternity section." I said thanks, and walked away. SERIOUSLY? Again? I know that I'm wearing a loose dress, but HEY, it's summer, and it is light and airy. WTF.

Harley comforted me by pointing out that I'm generally very slender, so wearing an empire waist dress makes me look pregnant, instead of fat. Ok, fine, whatever, I got over it.

I get back to my desk to see Heeb's THE KIDS ISSUE.

I am going to kill someone.


orieyenta said...

Oy - darn those empire waist dresses for looking so cute but for doing nothing but asking for the pregnancy comments.

Diana said...

I am glad I am not near Herald Square today...
The humidity also adds to ones bad mood.

Annie said...

Orie- it's pretty bad.

Diana- hahaha. I actually work nowhere near there. And the humidity is not remotely helping. I am dreading my run this evening.

Diana said...

Run = a non-air conditioned train ride to a bus to a 2 mile walk in flip flops for an interview that lasted 20 minutes?
I am in a fight with Hopstop.
At least no one asked me if I am pregnant today.