Monday, June 11, 2007

Jews Love: Shabbes Meals

According to some source (which I cannot find the name for, someone please help) that "more than the Jews having kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jews." Which I find interesting, but those type of comments tend to worry me. The reason being that when people say that Sabbath and Kashrut have preserved the Jewish people, what they are really saying is that separatism has preserved Jews as a people. And I find that kind of reasoning fairly worrying.

Jews also Love: Copyright Infringement

My friends and I use Shabbat as an opportunity for socializing, it is one of the few times that we can sit down, for a meal, and talk with no scheduled activities. To that end, I host a Shabbat meal almost every week. This week I held a (delicious) dairy Shabbat lunch and invited the usual cast of characters. As usual, there were some great quotes:

My cousin (talking about Johns Hopkins Lacrosse players): they've been good since they were three, and someone put a stick in one hand, and a crab cake in the other.

CJ's best friend (to my non-Jewish roommate): if we shared a faith, we'd be together. (silence) Assuming of course that you're attracted to me. (more silence)

The Roommate's Gentleman Caller: so is it worse if your significant other cheats on you with a guy, or with a girl? And either way, would you forgive them?

And that was just the beginning. I had forgotten why I like hosting Shabbat meals.

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Sarah said...

Quote source: Ahser Ginzburg (Ahad Ha'am).