Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sad and Desolate

Harley is out sick, and CJ is away doing some stupid certification course in the woods. And now my phone is out of juice.

Not a cat picture

This wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't continually reading depressing books (like We Wish to Inform You). Add to that the fact that my fridge has about a case of beer in it that needs to be finished before Shabbat (so that I have room to store Shabbes meals) and I am developing some unhealthy habits. Granted, when two beers puts you to sleep, it is hard to do anything really damaging, but still...

Pity party over. So, I read Slate like it's my job. In fact, reading Slate may actually be part of my job description. Today, just as everyday, my reading was rewarded with this article by Jack Shafer. Now we all know that Rupert Murdoch is a nutjob, and that he wants to buy the Wall Street Journal (a publication, which you may recall, has articles that are "too long."), and Jack Shafer uses these two facts as his jumping off point. In his article he suggests that the Financial Times (it's the pink one) poach 100 of the WSJ's top journalists, because, really, who wants to work for Murdoch anyway? I found this opinion piece delightful and subversive, especially the part where, at the bottom, he lists 10 or 15 WSJ journalists who should make the cut.

I'd really like to see the responses from a) the WSJ editors, b) the journalists, c) Murdoch, and d) the Financial Times editors. Of course, everyone will probably be far too grown-up and just ignore it, but still, it would make for some great theater.


orieyenta said...

Maybe the sad and desolate thing is contagious because I'm right there with you. PHD is in Israel...Little Orieyenta has to spend every other weekend with my ex. Ugh. Maybe you should come to Miami and share Shabbos with me. :)

Annie said...

SERIOUSLY! I haven't been to Miami in years. :)