Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Last Dream, I Promise

At least for now.

In last night's dream CJ was called up for miluim (reserve army duty in Israel). As he got dressed in his uniform (apparently he's in Nahal) I was crying hysterically. This is suprising for two reasons, primarily that I am not a big crier, and secondly that CJ is not Israeli. One of his grandmothers is, so I guess that could have been confusing me.

Also, with the exception of it being located in Israel, this scene exactly replicates one from The Beautiful and the Damned, which I just finished reading. Clearly I need to stop reading right before bed.


Miss S said...

I need to start reading before I go to bed! Even though it is still difficult, it is so much easier for me to put down a book than to put down my computer. I've been known not to go to sleep at all!
My dream last night was of the good looking best friend in spiderman, his made-up sister and I all meeting in jail and becoming best friends. Strange.

Miss S

Annie said...

Ah James Franco, so pretty. I saw "Tristan and Isolde" on that merit alone, and was seriously disappointed. He didn't even take his shirt off.